Commercial Lawn Care in Katy

The secret to a beautiful commercial lawn is year-round upkeep. When you hire the professionals at BLH Management, LLC, you get complete lawn care services for every season. Yes, even winter! Our dedicated team offers comprehensive lawn maintenance to give you beautiful landscape you’ll be proud of.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring is the time to set the stage for a gorgeous, sprawling lawn. We offer lawn dethatching services, so you can hit the ground running when it comes to maintaining healthy grass. Aerating and fertilizing are especially important to perform in the spring, since it helps your plants get the nutrients they need. If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear after the winter, we can take care of lawn repairs. We do so by laying down fresh seed for thicker looking grass.

When the frost thaws, your grass isn’t the only thing that wakes up—weeds and bugs do too. To prevent crabgrass and insect infestations from marring your landscape, we offer a range of lawn treatment services. Pre-emptive control is the best way to guarantee a thriving summer landscape!

Summer Lawn Care

When summer comes to Katy, it brings warmer weather and scorching sunlight. This is the time to make sure your grass gets enough water to flourish. Watering your lawn can be time consuming, which is why BLH Management, LLC installs efficient irrigation systems.

Summer is also a time when you'll need frequent lawn mowing services. We offer weekly lawn services to keep your yard well-groomed.

Fall Lawn Care

There’s nothing quite as picturesque as a landscape filled with deciduous trees that change colors as autumn arrives. But with such vibrant beauty also comes dead leaves—and lots of them. Business owners might be tempted to leave them on their property but doing so will stifle grass growth. We offer efficient leaf removal services in the fall to protect your lawn.

Late fall is also the best time to lay down lawn fertilizer. Throughout the summer months, soil loses nutrients that promote healthy growth. By fertilizing before the frost sets in, you make sure your soil is healthy come springtime. We'll also perform a second lawn aeration and lay down more lawn fertilizer.

Winter Lawn Care

Most business owners might not think there’s any need for lawn maintenance in the winter. After all, it’s bad enough you must deal with snow removal without having to worry about your grass, right? Nevertheless, it's important to care for your lawn so it survives the winter.

Before the first frost sets in, we’ll give your lawn a final mow. We’ll also pull any weeds we find to prevent them from overtaking your lawn while your grass is dormant in the winter.

Choose BLH Management, LLC for Four Season Services

If you want a beautiful lawn that stays healthy all year-round, choose a quality lawn care company near Katy. Contact us today to inquire about our full lawn care services. We guarantee your lawn will be a sight to behold.