Lawn Fertilization in Houston

Every living thing needs nutrients. If you want your commercial property to look lush and vibrant, you need to make sure it receives adequate nutrients. During the growing season, lawn fertilizer is the best way to help your lawn thrive.

BLH Management, LLC offers a range of lawn treatment services to keep your lawn healthy. By using the best lawn fertilizer, we encourage strong root growth for greener grass. Get a more attractive, weed resistant yard with our exceptional lawn care services.

The Science Behind Lawn Fertilization

A lush, healthy lawn requires three things to grow and survive: water, carbon dioxide and nutrients. Most property owners understand how important water is for plant life. That’s why they water their lawn regularly or invest in automatic irrigation systems. Carbon dioxide is the easiest to get—since it reaches plants through the air—nutrients in the soil are absorbed by the plants’ roots.

Different types of soil in Houston carry various amounts of nutrients. As plants feed off these essential nutrients, the soil can’t always replenish their minerals at the same pace. Enter lawn fertilizer. Fertilizers are organic or inorganic compounds that reintroduce nutrients to the soil. Plants need three main macronutrients and a handful of micronutrients to establish and thrive. Consider fertilizer as plant food.


Nitrogen (N) is a key nutrient in plant growth. Nitrogen boosts protein synthesis, which helps plants develop quickly.


Phosphorous (P) is essential for a plant’s establishment in the soil. If you’re planting fresh seed to thicken or diversify your lawn, you want to make sure your soil has enough phosphorous. This essential nutrient improves the speed at which your lawn roots and matures.


Potassium (K) increases plants' tolerance to stress. It helps your lawn better resist disease, drought and insect infestation. A strong lawn is a healthy lawn.


Although not as essential as NPK content, micronutrients are also important for plant health. Think about how humans need very small amounts of vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals (copper, iron, sodium) to survive. These are in addition to the macronutrients of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In a similar way, plants need boron, copper, iron, chlorine, manganese, molybdenum, nickel and zinc. Many lawn fertilizers include some of these elements alongside the NPK content.

BLH Management, LLC Uses Only the Best Lawn Fertilizer

The key to exceptional lawn care service is a company that takes your landscape’s precise needs into consideration. Every type of grass requires the essential nutrients in different amounts. BLH Management, LLC’s professionals always begin with a soil test to determine your lawn’s needs.

Once we know what lawn treatment services are right for your property, we will use the best lawn fertilizer in the market. By evenly applying high-end lawn fertilizer over your lawn, we guarantee incredible results—every time. We’ll leave you with a gorgeous landscape that’s sure to make a great impression.

If you want your Houston landscape to thrive, contact a lawn care company that values superior workmanship. Trust BLH Management, LLC.